Bethany Ao covers young adults for the Health section, with an eye towards mental, sexual and preventative health.

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People are still engaging in risky behavior, despite rising COVID-19 cases. Psychologists explain why.

People have attended Halloween parties, worked out at gyms, and dined indoors at restaurants, even as coronavirus case numbers have steadily climbed over the last month. Why?

‘I wanted to give up’: Philadelphians are feeling burnout from COVID-19 and the election on a new level

While most often associated with a person’s job, burnout, which can lead to symptoms such as insomnia and depression, can affect other areas of life as well.

A South Philly rowhouse is becoming a free primary-care clinic with a specialty in equity

Miriam Medical Clinics aims to make primary care more accessible to Black patients who are underinsured or uninsured.

Overturning the Affordable Care Act would harm young adults with cancer especially, study suggests

The study heightens concern that upcoming Supreme Court rulings could lead to the act being dismantled.

Election-related anxiety is real and rising for Philadelphians, regardless of political affiliation

Nearly 70% of U.S. adults reported the 2020 presidential election to be a significant source of stress in their life — an increase from the 52% that said the same about the 2016 election.

From police procedures to outdated laws to systemic racism, experts say the odds are stacked against Pennsylvanians like Walter Wallace Jr.

“If I have a psychotic break and I call 911, there’s still a chance I could land in the emergency room, but I could also be jailed, injured or killed.”

‘I felt like trash’: How COVID-19 has affected body image in young people

Overeating as a way to cope with stress has become more widespread. So has the use of Zoom where users are staring at themselves for hours at a time, dissecting flaws both real and imaginary.

Walter Wallace Jr., 27, a ‘family man’ with many mental health crises and encounters with police

Wallace was the father of eight, an Uber Eats driver, and an aspiring rapper.

Pa., like the nation, reports its highest number of COVID-19 cases in a single day. In the Philly region, the suburbs are hit hardest.

More widely available testing partly explains the high count, but equally important — and troubling to experts — is how many of those tests are coming back positive.

Philadelphia has the highest rate of family separation, and kids in foster care need mental health support

Youth in foster care often experience trauma from being separated from their family members, and the transiency of the foster care system can exacerbate their mental health.