As the residential real estate reporter, Michaelle Bond covers news, trends, and developments that define how people are living in Philadelphia and the surrounding region.

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One-size-fits-all approach to rent relief leaves tenants and landlords without assistance

Cities have focused on the circumstances of low-income households, but understanding the needs of property owners, especially those of varying sizes, locations, and missions, is vital, report finds.

Three South Jersey towns have made a list of the top 10 hottest neighborhoods in the U.S.

Neighborhoods in the San Francisco Bay area usually top the annual list, but none made it this time, thanks to new migration trends spurred by the pandemic that made room for the South Jersey towns.

Philadelphia City Council extends mandate that landlords use Eviction Diversion Program

The city's eviction diversion program has shown early success in helping landlords and tenants come to agreements that avoid official evictions.

Home buyers taking advantage of low interest rates can put down less money than they think

Low interest rates are making monthly mortgage payments more affordable, but down payments are often the biggest obstacle to buying a home.

Philly’s Eviction Diversion Program shows some early success

Nearly 200 tenants have avoided lockouts by participating in mediation with their landlords through the city's Eviction Diversion Program. City Council will vote next week on whether to extend it.

Home inspections are a bargaining chip in Philly area’s hot real estate market

In the Philly area, where houses have been selling quickly after bidding wars, real estate agents say their clients are losing out on homes because competitors are waiving their right to inspections.

Pa. averaging more than 4,000 new cases a day; thousands more Philly renters may be eligible for assistance; what college students should do before going home

Hospitalizations are up on both sides of the Delaware River as the coronavirus shows no intention of relenting, deep into its eighth month of redefining life in America.

How the pandemic changed home buyer and seller behaviors

Those buying homes after the start of the pandemic had higher incomes, bought higher priced homes, purchased more often in the suburbs, and planned to spend fewer years in their homes.

Philadelphia’s affordable housing strategy depends on repairing existing homes

Philadelphia's housing plan identifies revitalizing existing housing stock as one of the city's greatest challenges. But it’s also one of its biggest chances to address a lack of affordable housing.

Pa. voter turnout on possible historic track: ‘People ... came to get a job done’

First-time voters, lapsed voters, and extra-motivated voters were among those who helped swell turnout in Pennsylvania to what may prove to be the state’s highest numbers ever.