A medical reporter, Stacey Burling covers aging, caregiving, neurology and dementia, and more general medical trends.

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‘This is not the time to go outside your bubble,’ Black Doctors COVID-19 Consortium leader says

Unless President Donald Trump has a “change of heart, it’s going to get a lot worse before it gets better,” Ala Stanford said.

On post-election Sunday, Biden vs. Trump was part of some sermons, but others steered clear

“We’re on a longer timeline than the news cycle,” said one Montgomery County pastor who kept politics off the pulpit. “We’re about eternity.”

Pa. hits another daily COVID-19 case record; President-elect Biden to announce virus task force Monday

“This pandemic is real, and these numbers are going in the wrong direction,” said New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy.

Philly’s daily COVID-19 case count hits high point of entire pandemic; Pa. sets another case record

As Health Commissioner Thomas Farley called this "possibly the worst period of the entire epidemic," Municipal Court extended eviction protections for renters who have lost income during the crisis.

Flu season is off to a slow start; COVID-19 precautions may be helping

Flu season usually starts picking up later in November. The big question is whether it will be different this year.

In Pennsylvania, COVID-19 is now a rural, urban, and suburban problem

The coronavirus is spreading in Pennsylvania’s rural counties, along with smaller cities and the big metropolitan areas. Only a few sparsely populated counties have still seen little of it.

Nursing homes still don’t have enough PPE, study says

The report looked at supplies seven months into the pandemic. There are more cases now.

Loss of smell is an earlier COVID-19 symptom than fever; Philly’s Monell Institute has sniff test for screening in the works

Loss of the sense of smell is a common symptom, and it happens early. And it's a loss that is hard to ignore, especially if it lingers.

A COVID-19 vaccine is the best way to end the pandemic. Experts say this is what it will take to convince people it’s safe.

Communications experts said there has never been a vaccine introduction like this one will be. What does science say about how to inform the public?