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Walter Wallace Jr.'s family calls for broad reforms for Philly police

Attorney Shaka Johnson was among those who called for broad reforms to the Police Department and the city’s mental health services.

‘You killed my son!’ City releases bodycam footage and 911 calls in Philly police killing of Walter Wallace Jr.

As the footage was released Wednesday evening, demonstrations on city streets over the presidential election results had already begun converging with calls for justice in Wallace's killing.

Body-cam video from officers who fatally shot Walter Wallace Jr. expected to be released end of next week; Philly will hold hearing on response to mental health crises

Philly officials said a curfew will not be in place Thursday night into Friday, but urged people to remain home unless travel was absolutely necessary.

‘Shoot him,’ officer said before firing at Walter Wallace Jr., lawyer says bodycam footage shows

The family's lawyer, Shaka Johnson, said the video showed Wallace “in obvious mental health crisis."

Philadelphia police had launched a plan years ago to equip all patrol officers with Tasers. It never happened.

Philadelphia police had planned years ago to provide Tasers to all patrol officers. But the process stalled, and thousands of officers never received them, including those who shot Wallace.

Ahead of National Guard arrival in Philly, tensions flared for a second night after police killed Walter Wallace Jr.

Hundreds gathered at Malcolm X Park and marched to denounce the death of Walter Wallace Jr., a 27-year-old Black man whom police shot and killed. Looting broke out elsewhere in the city.

Philly police had been called many times to Walter Wallace Jr.’s house, sources say, sparking questions about why he was shot

Officers had responded to Walter Wallace Jr.'s home in West Philadelphia three times Monday for reports of disturbances, according to law enforcement sources.

Walter Wallace Jr., 27, a ‘family man’ with many mental health crises and encounters with police

Wallace was the father of eight, an Uber Eats driver, and an aspiring rapper.

Philly DA’s Office worker is being investigated for fatally shooting a man

DeVonte' Douglass has been placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of an investigation by the state Attorney General's Office.

Mother and son die in a South Philadelphia house fire

The blaze at a South Philly rowhouse early Wednesday morning claimed two lives.