Charlotte Keith is an investigative reporter for Spotlight PA.

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Gaping loopholes and vague state guidance leave some Pa. families out of a home despite federal ban on evictions

Whether families get kicked out often comes down to where they live, and which judge happens to hear their case, a Spotlight PA investigation found.

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Court green lights Hershey’s $350 million plan for six free childhood centers around Pennsylvania

The centers will be the first time in more than 100 years that the charity that controls the chocolate giant, with assets of about $14 billion, will help poor children outside of its rural campus.

Court green-lights Hershey’s $350 million plan for six free childhood centers around Pennsylvania

A Pennsylvania judge approved $350 million in childhood centers funded partly by Hershey Co. stock dividends.

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Senate GOP halts fixes for Pa.’s troubled rent relief program, surprising even their own

The state House unanimously passed long-awaited changes, but Senate leadership refused to advance it Wednesday, leaving many landlords and families on the financial brink.

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To jump-start relief program, Wolf gives landlords more flexibility to collect unpaid rent

Landlords will no longer be required to forgive all payments owed in return for accepting state aid, which is capped at $750, much lower than average rent in many areas.

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Pa. House lawmaker tests positive for COVID-19, delaying legislation on election, rent relief

Lawmakers have known about the problems with the rent relief program for months, but Republican leadership failed to bring a fix up for a vote before it expired Thursday.

Hershey School proposes a Pa. network of six free early childhood centers with $350 million

The Hershey School, the nation's richest private school, agrees under pressure from state Attorney General Josh Shapiro to expand across Pennsylvania.

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From relief to despair, one Pa. family struggles with the ambiguity of federal eviction ban

In Pennsylvania, it’s up to individual courts in each county to decide how to interpret the federal order. With debts mounting, renters' lives are in limbo, and relief is only temporary.

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Federal order protects many Pa. renters from eviction, though legal challenges may arise

Much remains uncertain about how the new eviction ban will work in practice — and whether it will survive legal challenges.

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After waffling, Gov. Tom Wolf says he can’t extend Pa.’s eviction ban, looks to lawmakers

Republican lawmakers said they are looking at what options they have to extend another lifeline to tenants.