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En Pensilvania, los votantes latinos crecen en cantidad, tienen intereses diversos y podrían decidir las elecciones

Si bien se espera que Biden gane el voto de los latinos, cualquier cambio en las tendencias podrían resultar en ventajas para Trump, quien fue beneficiado con menos del 1% de los votos en 2016.

COVID-19 contact tracing hobbled by distrust, partisanship, and phone etiquette, Pew study finds

Contact tracing was supposed to hinder a new surge of cases. Instead, it could barely get half the American public on board.

Some of Trump’s most ardent Philly-area critics include those grieving losses to COVID-19

Many relatives of those who died of COVID-19 make Trump a target of anger.

Walter Wallace Jr.'s killing by Philly police raises specter of the MOVE bombing 35 years later

The death of a 27-year-old in a police shooting earlier this week is a brutal reminder of a Black community's bombing in 1985. Both drew national attention.

Latino voters in Pa. are diverse, growing in number — and could sway the election

While Biden is expected to win Latinos handily, even small shifts toward Trump could prove pivotal in a state decided by less than 1% of the vote in 2016.

The police killing of Walter Wallace Jr. feels far too familiar to a weary West Philly community

The killing of Walter Wallace Jr. and ensuing police response to protests raises echoes of the late spring chaos on 52nd Street.

Philly considering new restrictions as cases now exceed the city’s ability to track them; as Pa. cases spike, another uptick at Penn State

Both Pennsylvania and New Jersey have seen the number of COVID-19 hospitalizations more than double over the past month, according to an analysis of state data.

Pa., like the nation, reports its highest number of COVID-19 cases in a single day. In the Philly region, the suburbs are hit hardest.

More widely available testing partly explains the high count, but equally important — and troubling to experts — is how many of those tests are coming back positive.

As Pa. coronavirus cases reach April levels, officials warn about small gatherings but hold off on new restrictions

Pennsylvania's positive-test rate was at 4.3%, close to the World Health Organization's danger threshold of 5%.