Anna Orso covers breaking news in the Philadelphia region. She also writes about issues related to women, gender identity and sexuality.

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Biden’s lead over Trump in Pennsylvania grows as vote counting slows

The weary, suspense-gripped nation watched as Philadelphia delivered the votes that pushed Biden past Trump in Pennsylvania just before 9 a.m. Friday — but then came another day of waiting.

Philly shows the world how to throw a block party as votes continue to be counted

In an encore performance, Joe Biden supporters are getting a jump on celebrating as the vote count continues.

Two men outside Philly vote count in Hummer with QAnon stickers face weapons charges, police say

A source said the investigation began when police received a tip to be on the lookout for two men and a woman from Virginia Beach traveling to the region to “straighten things out” at polling places.

Hundreds rally outside Convention Center as Biden takes the lead in Pennsylvania

Hundreds rally outside the Convention Center as former Vice President Joe Biden takes the lead in Pennsylvania.

Philly’s counting of mail ballots has been slowed by a Trump legal challenge

The challenge disrupted the count for two hours. But it also left officials working at continued diminished capacity.

A vote count protest turns into a 12-hour block party in Philly

About 400 pro-Biden supporters gathered outside the Pennsylvania Convention Center; the pro-Trump contingent was considerably smaller.

'Stop the cheat!': Trump supporters protest at Philadelphia Convention Center

Trump protesters chant, "Joe got beat, stop the cheat!" in front of the Convention Center in Philadelphia where votes are being counted.

Protesters march in Center City amid election demonstrations and release of bodycam footage of Walter Wallace Jr.'s killing by police

The afternoon saw hundreds peacefully gathering in Center City, moving from a “Count Every Vote” rally on Independence Mall to City Hall.

Calls to ‘defund the police’ intensify after Philadelphia police killing of Walter Wallace Jr.

Those in favor of defunding say the police killing of Wallace is a tragic example of how their vision for policing could have changed an outcome.

Philly police pulled a woman from SUV during unrest, beat her, separated her from her child, and handcuffed her at the hospital, attorney says

An attorney representing the woman and her 2-year-old child said police injured both of them. The woman hasn't been charged with a crime, and police won't say what prompted the show of force.