Andrew Seidman covers Pennsylvania politics, writing about statewide campaigns and officeholders, the Philadelphia suburbs, congressional races, and the 2020 presidential campaign.

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How Joe Biden won Pennsylvania — and what comes next

The result doesn’t change how deeply divided Pennsylvania is. If anything, it only highlights those divisions.

Pa. Republicans are parroting Trump’s false election claims as the post-Trump GOP takes shape

Pennsylvania Republicans are going all in on President Donald Trump’s false election claims.

Pa. Treasurer Joe Torsella has lost his reelection bid, in a big upset by Republican Stacy Garrity

Torsella, a Montgomery County Democrat who had aspirations for higher office, has conceded.

6 takeaways from Biden’s win over Trump in Pa.

Here’s what changed from last time, and made the difference in the state that put Biden over the top and won him the White House.

Suburban voters in Pennsylvania rejected Trump — but not Republican Party

Biden’s victory in Pennsylvania was fueled in large part by winning an overwhelming majority of votes in the Philadelphia suburbs. But his gains in the suburbs did not lift his party down-ballot.

Pennsylvania mail-in ballots are on the cusp of pushing Biden to the White House

Biden also has other paths to victory even without Pennsylvania, as he holds on to an advantage in Nevada and overcame Trump’s lead in Georgia.

Fitzpatrick, Perry win, Lamb declares victory as Democrats struggle to expand House majority

Nationally, several incumbent Democratic House members were defeated, and efforts to unseat Republicans came up short.

Pennsylvania votes still being counted, but Biden’s lead is growing quickly in the Philly suburbs

For instance, preliminary results Tuesday night showed a slight lead for Trump in Chester County, but an updated count Thursday now has Biden up by more than 50,000 votes.

Republican Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick has won reelection in Pa. 1st District congressional race

U.S. Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick was the only Republican to survive the Democratic blue wave in the Pennsylvania suburbs in 2018.

Pa. is now pivotal for both candidates as Trump wins Florida; counties continue 24/7 counts, but full results may take days

Former vice president Joe Biden told supporters early Wednesday that he was "on track" to prevail and urged patience, while President Donald Trump falsely claimed he had already won.