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Sure, you could trash them, but you could also go the more environmentally friendly route by trying to recycle them.

Can Pennsylvania split up its 20 electoral votes?

“Can electoral votes be cast proportionally, reflecting the popular vote in each state?” one reader wrote in to Curious Philly. “Is this a federal decision, or do states decide?”

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How should you think about using social media right now? Here are some ways to do it better.

Utility shutoffs are starting again in Philly. Here’s what to do if you’re behind on your bills.

If you’re low-income or financially struggling, you may be a “protected customer,” and be able to avoid a shutoff. But it’s not automatic. Here's what you need to know

What should you do if your usual pharmacy is closed right now?

If you are having trouble getting your medication at your usual pharmacy, you may be able to get it elsewhere.

Still waiting for rental assistance? Here’s what to do.

We heard from one renter who said that they had submitted their application in July, and haven’t yet received funding. What’s the delay, and if I’m waiting, what can I do about it?

What are your rights if you’re arrested at a protest?

If you are arrested at a protest, try to stay calm — you have rights, and there are some things you can do to make the process smoother and safer.

What to look for before you sign a lease

What should you look for in a lease? We break down some of the basics, including fees, repairs, subletting and renewals.

The day trip: Lancaster city guide

Lancaster, 90 minutes from Philadelphia, has a strong arts scene, rich history, and killer downtown area. In short, there is no lack of things to do, especially if you’re down for a day trip.

12 day trips in Pennsylvania for photo buffs

We’ve rounded up a dozen great Pennsylvania places to go snap some photos, all within 150 miles of Center City.