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NEW ERA HATS ONLINE SHOPPING IN CHINA Established in 1920, New Era is an international lifestyle brand with an authentic sports heritage and is well-known for its sports headwear. New Era was quickly successful and now operates in several countries and is the exclusive manufacturer and marketer of the official on-field cap worn by every Major League Baseball Team Caps and their minor league affiliates, select teams in the KBO and NPB, Australian Baseball League and maintains agreements with other licensed entities including NHL, NBA, NRL and over 200 colleges and universities in the United States. Snapback and jersey offer your online new era hats with 50% discount price NUEVA COMPRA EN LÍNEA DE LOS GOLPES DE LA ERA EN CHINA Fundada en 1920, New Era es una marca de estilo de vida internacional con una auténtica herencia deportiva y es bien conocida por sus sombreros deportivos. New Era tuvo éxito rápidamente y ahora opera en varios países y es el fabricante y vendedor exclusiv

why my chinese supplier give me a website without domain name?especially the replica factory

Have you have such experience, when you ask your chinese seller, most the replica belts, brand tshirts wholesaler, replica watches factory will give you a link like following way     this link is for belts, you can open it without any problem    all brand tshirts, shoes, scarf etc products   all kinds brand watch, jerwerlly.  this links before called qiqifashion, it is a big and famous replica factory which live in guanzhou, it is changed the domin name for old name no longer working and its change to aslo die, too famous to live so all these famous brand replica factory only use website without domin name for me, i have the same problem, before i have 2 website and both is short life one is, one is, so i use the yupoo album to show the products if you want wholesa

As a Mexico buyer, which kinds shippment way is the best?

Hola Amigo~````` this is what i learned from one of my client, means :" hello friend i noticed that the spanish speakers love the replica hats , replica jersey crazy!!!  every week i got new buyer email or inquiry from Whatapp, they love jordan shoes, nike shoes, new era hats, mitchellness hats, football jersey etc products, but they have a unqiue problem compare to usa buyers the shipping cost is 30% higher than USA buyers, due to there are much more flight to usa and the shipping cost is the lowest, i can do usd 4 hats with free shipping by DHL if order 2000 pcs at one time, to mexico buyer, i am sorry so there is a way to solve the problem--------shipping to TX, USA first, there are many shipping company to mexico, you can ask me ship cheap new era hats , cheap mitchellness hats , all brand hiphop brand hats  to your usa address first then ask your friend, or your family member or the third shipping company ship to you. this is the best way to save the shipping cost


nba SNAPBACKs HATS ARE BACK! Think back to the early 90’s. Think about the music, the culture, the fashion. This was truly a magical period and although some of the clothing trends were a bit questionable, baseball hats from this period set the standard for hats going into the future. The adjustable nature of the hats allowed them to fit any shaped head and to be worn in any direction and still look good! Thankfully, NBA strap back caps are coming back with a vengeance! Now is the best time for you to try this reemerging fashion trend! The Right Style to Go with Any Look Throughout the last twenty years, casual hats have gone through a number of changes with most trends being short-lived and generally unsuccessful. Fitted hats were never really the “right” fit and Velcro-strapped hats looked like something that a grandfather would wear. You, like many other customers, are seeking a fashionable headwear option. You have eagerly awaited a hat that they could proudly wear to

why wholesale snapbacks or jersey from me directly is better than from alibaba or dhgate

why wholesale snapbacks or jersey from me is better than from alibaba or dhgate? This artcle have the most readers at my blog, so today i need explain why order from me is better than order at alibaba or dhgate first, i search the keyword " MLB Snapbacks " at alibaba, as you know MLB is a famous sport game in USA and it is not allow use all hats is not what your want see, like this, all is no logo hats and min order is huge for common buyer, one style 200 pcs or 120 pcs at least. it is not good, as i said alibaba is the giant, no need sell replica products and not allowed sell there. then i search the same words at DHGATE, it is much smaller company than alibaba. so it is means it is more flexible, the company know the replica snapbacks have huge demand. obvious the dhgate pics is more like the pics you want. all  MLB hats  logo still there but  new era hats  logo gone. min order is 20 pcs, you need tell the seller the code of hats and one by one, but o

Why chinese supplier don't accept paypal, Especially the replicas seller?

This is a important question and FAQ by new buyer who just order from china paypal indeed a easy way to send money and can protect the buyer's money, but he is not allowing for doing Wholesale new era hats ,  wholesale NBA jersey , replica shoes ,anything about brand products, you may think it is not a big problem, you don't tell paypal what you order is enough~````` haha, if paypal will keep a bliand eyes on this, that will be a godbless. the fact is paypal gone much far than this Paypal in china use entrapment  to get money. the following information will show how paypal get money from me before when i read the new mail from new protential buyers, i am happy. i feel the hope, lol, but this is a trap. after i give the email address. then at the second day, my paypal was suspended. at before i can wait 180 days to get the money released, but since 2013, paypal act like a Mafia, more and more chinese seller into the trap i got a email from paypal like this what

what is the hottest or the most popular snapbacks at 2017?

what is the hottest or the most popular snapbacks at 2017? very good question, i know you spent time on my blogger is want to get a trusted supplier and make money here is the answer Cayler & Sons Snapbacks    hiphop brand caps like a wind, come and gone quick, but this  Cayler & Sons Snapbacks   come to market since 2012, now it is the 5 years, still hot selling, until now over 600 style snapbacks, or other brand stree headwear can last so long time and have the same impact.  Cayler & Sons beanies    Cayler & Sons bags   Cayler & Sons Bucket Caps

Hey Bill, you only sell snapbacks caps and jersey? can i get the shoes from you?

haha, yes, of course, i can get all kinds brand shoes and i indeed have a big client in indonesia order many shoes per week. but he in charge the shipping, i just need ship shoes to his guangzhou shipping agent. it is esay and better for me, because i don't need think about the custom suck problem. any one who like this way for shipping, please contact me  but i like selling hats more than shoes, shoes is high profit but too many style, you need spent a lots time to study, for example, air joran shoes, the replica shoes have 3 editon at market,   A quality, AA quality or super A, AAA quality or 1:1 , price is big differnt, from usd 45- usd 190. all have people needed,  many seller in china claim the aaa shoes or 1:1 shoes is original or authentic shoes. really good profit margin~````````` one shoes they sell = 100 pcs hats i sell. also, the shoes have a size problem, most shoes only have size 40-44 for man, 36-39 for women, a lots time i face a women want size 40 shoes but the

How to get free snapbacks or jersey from me ?

Hello my friend anyone who share my album snapback and jersey  at his facebook/twitter/instrgram homepage, will get a free hat at his order or I deduct usd 10 directly. any one who make Video for me at Youtube, will get free hats or jersey ( i ship them after i watch it, please don't cheat me, i already send a lots free items but get nothing :() if your channel have many subscriber, we can discuss more free item. for example: ;t=4s any one who introduce a friend or anyone else order from me successfully, i will send 10 pcs hats or 4 pcs jersey as gift. if you want cooperate with me, please contact me at or text me   +86 13107996135

why i don't sell at alibaba or dhgate?

Alibaba is the no 1 b2b website in the world. and aliexpress belong to it, there are a lots seller who sell snapabcksandjersey  , i used have a shop there, and very good biz, a lots order~```````` but at 2010, alibaba closed my shop for i sell replica hats  and cheap nba jersey my biz is much less than before, i try open a new shop and closed soon. total lose over usd 3000 for me Alibaba now is Giant, Jack Ma now is the richest man in China, he won't allow anyone sell any fake products at his website, you can imagine it, if you are rich enough, do you want hearing this saying: alibaba is only selling knock-off products !!!you must have this experiecne a shop at aliexpress which sell replica hats , replica jersey , replica shoes , fast shipping and good quailty, but when you want visit it again, the shop closed!!! now, i have to use google blogger, pinterst, youtube,facebook etc sns platform to sell my products, this is the reason why you can see this page~`````` so, don'

Special service for my clients-------your agent in china

GOOD NEWS!!! any clients who order from me can ask me be your agent in china, China now is world factory and produce all kinds of products, from computer to shoes, from original big company to replica shoes/ replica belts/repilca bags etc products, i i live in putian city, fujian province, china,  my city is famous for producing all kinds of brand shoes, like nike, adidas or puma, new balance shoes. so i can get all brand shoes, mlb jersey, nba jersey, nfl jersey, all brands snapbacks. but maybe some products that my city don't have. as you know the chinese seller, especially the replica products/ copy products seller love use western union or money gram as payment method, if you send money to a new seller, you maybe have face risk not get what you ordered~`````````` a lots scammers do this thing before. at 2007, my city 30 youth people was caught in jail for cheat people , they claimed they have SONY PSP2, orginal iphone, nokia n95 ( at that time, nokia still a giant company a

why my snapbacks and jersey business can last so long? already 10 years

well, it is a amazing, since 2007 year i back to my hometown, putian city,fujian province, i already selling replica/copy products for 10 years!!! many people told me before like this way-----------Bill, your biz won't last forever, because you doing fake/copy products biz. yes, i agreed this opinion for long time, but now 10 years already, the reason is easy and profound. 1. most people on the world is poor, they don't have money to waste. you can see a yeezy shoes selling at black market over usd 700!!! the offical price is only 150 only, the mother fucker adidas company use hunger marketing let only a few people to get people liked shoes, how the common or poor guys can do? they also want the hottest fashion products.  so replica shoes/ replica NBA jersey / replica bags, replica new era hats ~````````` too many replica products come out 2.i do honest biz, i never want to hide this fact my products is replica or copy, they are replica hats , but they are nice hats, same q

why people buy replica snapbacks from me?

the reason is very sample 1. more choice, over 5000 style hats. brand from new era this big brand to metal mulisha this brand, from dc shoes hats to jordan snapbacks , all snapbacks is on my shop. to see is to believe 2.  good sevice, all order ship in 10 hours after i confirmed your payment, i have workers who pick hats for me, for exmaple, if you order 100 style hats, one style 1 pcs hats, i can handle it in 20 minuts. atcully, i only in charge deal with clients. see how my workers pick the hats 3. professional.  all hats is from the offical website, 1:1 quality, you can sell them 2-3 times from me. my invetory update every week. 4. Dropshipping service.  when you build a B2C website, you dont want have stock, you can ask me ship hats diectly from china to your clients hand. i ship all over the world. like EMS, DHL, UPS, HK POST, ETC 5. Cheap price, i don't like always talking this, but it is

Why you choose me as your snapbacks or jersey supplier?

Many seller at internet, they come and go, but one man except, it is me,a;ready selling replica snapbacks and jersey for over 10 years. all kinds brand hats like nike hats , adidas hats, supereme hats, dc shoes hats , metal mulisha hats, monster energy hats, kid snapbacks Please kindly check the following hats links, they are the newest YOUTUBE VIDEO HOW TO SHIP 1000 PCS HATS AND BEANIES BY EMS OR DHL TO USA OR OTHER COUNTRY How the warehouse workers prepare hats or beanies for delivery?

Where can get the best quality and design snapbacks from china?

Hey,you are watching Bill Huang's hats album( snapback and jersey ) , i have selling hats and other fashion items for over 10 years, the links  i can promise it is the best and the most professional hats, snapbacks, jersey album you can find at internet. Hola amigo, este es Bill, estás viendo mi álbum, snapbacks y jersey !!! Soy un comerciante grande y potente de los sombreros en China, al por mayor todos los sombreros de la marca de fábrica de las clases, como la nueva era, todo el jersey de las clases, nba, mlb, nfl, ncaa, todas las clases calza como nike, adidas, jordan, puma, etc. 10 años de experiencia de venta, más de 110 países y más de 1000 clientes. El método del envío es poste de Hong-Kong, e-paquetes, el ccsme, TNT. Aramex. El método del pago es unión occidental, gramo del dinero, o dhgate. Si usted interesa mis productos. La recepción me entra en contacto con en (Si usted no sabe el inglés es aceptable, utilizo google traductor uso su lengua mater