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Pandabuy raided, it is good news for online repllica wholesalers

Since May 14 the pandabuy raided, until now still no able work, so 99% it is died, the main reason why it is get raided ----the scales of the replica shoes and replica bags is too big , already affect the big brand sales, everyone now is feeling bad, economy is worse, no one want pay high price, so pandabuy must die!!! as far as i know, the company hired over 1700 peoples, but now all of them lose job๐Ÿ˜“, here is the reason why pandabuy got raided. 1. The growth rate is too fast and too big, which makes people envious. I know about this website pandabuy from 2022 two years ago until last year when I discovered that Pandabuy on Tiktok hired a large number of internet celebrities to promote their products and gave them a commission, achieving the spread of the virus. Moreover, it was really super cheap. In just 2-3 years, it surpassed the growth of dhgate for more than a decade! pandabuy focus  on cost-effectiveness, which is lower in price than dhgate and easier to operate. In recent yea

2023 the replica industry is changed-----Pandabuy or cssbuy will kill the dhgate soon~~~~~

 since 2009 i begin selling the replica items , i witness the biz changed many times, first i sell at alibaba, then alibaba closed my shop, then i open account at youtube: try get more clients,  now i do the samething at tiktok: billhuangshoes, it is small thing for person but now a big trend is coming. clients use china agent ship their replica items. before 2023. i don’t know anything about pandabuy, but i worked with cssbuy before, (CSSBuy is a well-known Chinese proxy shopping and shipping service. It assists individuals who want to purchase products from Chinese websites or online marketplaces that may not offer international shipping or are difficult for non-Chinese speakers to navigate.) in shorts, if you don’t know any chinese friend and want lower cost, you perfer use CSSbuy to order. most people like buy the replica bags, shoes and clothes which no able find at their own country. DHgate,is a popular online marketplace based in China