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new jersey factory connected with me today,you will get a lots new and unique style!!!

Hey guys, today i talked 2 hours with a guy from quanzhou city, which is just 1 hours by car from my city putian ( my city is famous for its fake shoes ), they have a private owned factory and offer a lots new and unique style , here is their links my old links is please feel easy to contact me to order these unique and fresh style, i am sure you will impressed to see so many style!!!

slam dunk jersey now is offer on my shop!!!

since 1998, when i was a middle school student, i watched this TV "slam dunk",  it is a wonderful cartoon, and get great reaction in china and sounth east of Asia, one of my big buyer from Indonesia said, he love the red hair guy 'sakuragi" very much and he want order his jersey, now i finally can get it, hope not to late SAKURAGI jersey and  KAEDE RUKAWA jersey i s on my album hope you like them. 

2019 will be lucky year for all of us!!! new nfl socks, ncaa socks, nfl keychain is here

Hey my friend, this is your old bro---- bill huang, i am back working now, after  spring festivel. last year is dog year and this year is pig year, pig means money and rich in chinese clture, even the chinese ”ๅฎถ”which means home---made from ancient people who lived over 8000 years ago, they think the home is a house with some pigs!!! so they will no worry no meat to eat. that is really cool idea!!! today i bring some really cool items to show you, which only only at my website can get, the NFL socks, the NCAA socks, the NFL 3d Keychains see the pics, my email is and my links is