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Kobe Bryant, the legendary NBA player, wore two main jersey numbers during his illustrious career with the Los Angeles Lakers: numbers 8 and 24. Jersey Number 8: Kobe Bryant began his NBA career wearing jersey number 8. He wore number 8 from the 1996-97 season until the 2005-06 season. Jersey Number 24: Starting from the 2006-07 season until his retirement in 2016, Kobe switched to jersey number 24. Both jersey numbers, 8 and 24, have been iconic and are associated with different phases of his remarkable career. Regarding "Mamba Gianna Maria Jerseys," Gianna Maria-Onore Bryant, Kobe's daughter, tragically lost her life in a helicopter crash with her father in January 2020. Gianna, often referred to as "Gigi," wore jersey number 2 as a basketball player. In remembrance of Kobe and Gianna, people often use the term "Mamba" in reference to Kobe's nickname, "The Black Mamba," and sometimes associate it with jerseys or tributes. After Kobe'