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Why I bought the knockoff jersey from China ? an American's client opinion

  There's authetic($300+) and replica($120+). Both of these are made by Nike. Difference is authentic is used by players while Replica is just a same design for fashion and appearance. I have both and I also have knockoff from dhgate. I prefer knockoff over both authentic and replica. 1. Price is way cheaper. $30 opposed to $120 and $300? Im choosing $30 anyday. 2. Less stress. I dont have to be cautious about wearing it and keeping it clean. And how to wash it. I throw my knockoff jersey into a laundry machine warm and then air dry. If it wears and tears, i go buy another knockoff for $30. 3. People cannot tell the difference unless theyre meticulous jersey nazis. 4. Its not like Nike is a small business. I like to support innovative small American companies and normally refuse to do something to hurt businesses. But Nike is nothing but money hungry corporation that exploits Chinese sweat shops and sells it for hundreds of dollars to us while they pay nickels and dimes to the