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which NBA teams jersey selling better? i want open a shop at USA

Los Angeles Lakers: The Lakers have a large and dedicated fan base, and jerseys of star players like LeBron James and Anthony Davis have been consistently popular. Golden State Warriors: The Warriors' success during their championship-winning years contributed to the popularity of their jerseys, with Stephen Curry being a standout player. Brooklyn Nets: The Nets gained popularity with star players like Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, and James Harden, making their jerseys sought after. Chicago Bulls: The Bulls' legacy, largely due to the Michael Jordan era, continues to keep their jerseys popular among fans. Miami Heat: The Heat's success and association with players like Dwyane Wade and LeBron James have contributed to their jersey popularity. Boston Celtics: The Celtics' rich history and passionate fan base have made their jerseys iconic and popular. Los Angeles Clippers: The Clippers have gained popularity in recent years, especially with players like Kawhi Leonar

why i don't sell at alibaba or dhgate?

Alibaba is the no 1 b2b website in the world. and aliexpress belong to it, there are a lots seller who sell snapabcksandjersey  , i used have a shop there, and very good biz, a lots order~```````` but at 2010, alibaba closed my shop for i sell replica hats  and cheap nba jersey my biz is much less than before, i try open a new shop and closed soon. total lose over usd 3000 for me Alibaba now is Giant, Jack Ma now is the richest man in China, he won't allow anyone sell any fake products at his website, you can imagine it, if you are rich enough, do you want hearing this saying: alibaba is only selling knock-off products !!!you must have this experiecne a shop at aliexpress which sell replica hats , replica jersey , replica shoes , fast shipping and good quailty, but when you want visit it again, the shop closed!!! now, i have to use google blogger, pinterst, youtube,facebook etc sns platform to sell my products, this is the reason why you can see this page~`````` so, don'

why people buy replica snapbacks from me?

the reason is very sample 1. more choice, over 5000 style hats. brand from new era this big brand to metal mulisha this brand, from dc shoes hats to jordan snapbacks , all snapbacks is on my shop. to see is to believe 2.  good sevice, all order ship in 10 hours after i confirmed your payment, i have workers who pick hats for me, for exmaple, if you order 100 style hats, one style 1 pcs hats, i can handle it in 20 minuts. atcully, i only in charge deal with clients. see how my workers pick the hats 3. professional.  all hats is from the offical website, 1:1 quality, you can sell them 2-3 times from me. my invetory update every week. 4. Dropshipping service.  when you build a B2C website, you dont want have stock, you can ask me ship hats diectly from china to your clients hand. i ship all over the world. like EMS, DHL, UPS, HK POST, ETC 5. Cheap price, i don't like always talking this, but it is